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Intellicom provides...

Communications systems engineering services to major manufacturers and service providers.  Our core expertise is in military and commercial mobile satellite systems for ground, maritime, and aeronautical environments.  

Customers include...

BAE, Boeing, Ball Aerospace, Cobham, Cubic Defence, DRS, General Dynamics, Intelsat, Lockheed, Panasonic, Thales Thinkom, Rockwell, and many more.


"Intellicom personnel have been extremely responsive and have provided support on very short notice.  They have a "whatever it takes" approach to getting their job accomplished.  I have been very pleased with the professionalism of the personnel provided by Intellicom."

About Us


•Intellicom Technologies Inc. (ITC), founded in 2002, headquarters located in San Diego, CA, with a full certification test, training and trials facility in Arizona.

•ITC has global experience across five continents and has performed on major programs for government agencies and commercial companies. Intellicom has experience working with local governments and clearing the path on regulatory issues.

•ITC maintains its competitive advantage through proven ability to meet complex system requirements of its customers in diverse political, economic, and regulatory environments in various locations around the world.

Core Technology

Satellite, Radio, Optical

  • IF, RF to 90 GHz
  • Link budgets line of sight and beyond, propagation analysis
  • Atmospheric absorption, Path losses, Fresnel Zone Clearance, Free Space Losses/Path losses 
  • Antennas, phased arrays, active arrays
  • Antenna testing - near and far field

Mobile Systems

  • Antenna pointing, tracking systems
  • Inertial navigation and GPS
  • motion platform testing
  • land, maritime, and aeronautical

Data Communications

  • Modulation, Coding
  • IP, UDP, TCP
  • Network Management
  • Quality of Service

Automated Testing

  • Development of automated test solutions in support of verification and certification programs
  • Automation improves quality and repeat-ability of tests


Communications Systems Engineering

Integration, Test, Verification, Certification

Custom Services

Communications Systems Engineering

System Definition

  • Customer requirements analysis, service level agreement
  • System Concepts
  • Requirements development and traceability
  • New technology identification and investigation
  • Subsystem requirements development


  • Trade studies
  • Modelling
  • RF, modulation, protocols, networking, propagation

Supplier Selection and Oversight

  • Supplier identification and survey
  • Selection criteria
  • Management/oversight

Integration, Test, Verification, Certification

Integration and Test

  • Subsystem configuration and test
  • Integration of subsystems
  • Debugging and analysis
  • Problem solving and team collaboration
  • Rapid response and support for emergency system failures
  • Key relationships with other industry technology development leaders


  • Requirements based testing
  • Test plan development
  • Formal documentation plans, procedures, reports, 
  • Requirement tractability matrix

Certification, Licensing, Approvals

  • Fully certified integration 
  • Arstrat, Mil Standard 164, 165
  • Mil 461 environmental qualification
  • DO-160 Aero
  • FCC, Brazil Homologation, Japan Telec

Custom Services

Customer Support

  • Technical, marketing trials
  • Debug, fault resolution
  • Training, manuals

Project Management

  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Scheduling
  • Resource management
  • Cost accounting

Projects and Experience


  •  SATCOM/BLOS UAV terminal design
  • Airborne transceiver system - engineering and development
  • Commercial airborne platform - R&D, Test, FCC Compliance, Intl Certification
  • Unmanned helicopter platform, Through blade research and design
  • Terminal & System Analysis, complete chain testing
  • FCC_NTIA_ITU documentation package support and submittal


  • SATCOM on the Move Rugged Terminal - Development, Two and Three Axis testing 
  • Condor SOTM - Deployment and full terminal training
  • KaSAT - Transportable Terminal Development for Wideband Gapfiller Satellite
  • L-3 Comm/Datron COTM Terminal Certification/Licensing
  • L-3 Comm/Linkabit Modem Certification/Licensing
  • Iridium Ground Terminal Development
  • “Non-Conforming” Terminal FCC Licensing
  • WGS (Ka & X) Anchor Stations - Australia 9 and 16 Meters
  • Airborne Supersonic Fighter Aircraft - Phased Array Antenna Testing & Certification
  • Luxury Dream Liners for Airborne Over Satellite

Knowledge Base

  • Key technology and industry relationships in mobile (Airborne, Maritime, development marketplace
  • Ability to bring industry leaders into a program as required
  • Access to individuals who are and were key in the development of directly related systems for Airborne, Ground Mobile or Maritime
  • Ability to ensure integration of mobile terminals into any vehicle type (airborne, ground and marine)


  •  Airborne Wireless
  • Agile RF
  • BAE Systems
  • Ball Aerospace
  • Boeing
  • Cobham Systems
  • Cubic Defense
  • Datapath
  • DRS Systems
  • First RF Corporation
  • General Dynamics
  • Intelsat/Intelsat General
  • L3 Comms
  • Panasonic
  • Physical Optics
  • Tecom
  • Thales
  • ThinKom
  • Toyon Research Corporation


Intellicom personnel have very postitive attitudes and work cooperatively within our team environment.  They have a "whatever it takes" approach to getting their job accomplished.  Intellicom personnel have been extremely responsive and have provided support on very short notice.  This support has included travel to customer sites and support of customer tests and demonstrations during early morning and late evening hours.  I have been very pleased with the professionalism of the personnel provided by Intellicom.

Intellicom has provided skills in the following areas:

  • Preparation of SHF SATCOM Radio Station Use licenses and coordinaton of license approvals with FCC and satellite access providers.
  • Integration and installation of fixed-site and on-the-move SHF SATCOM terminal RF electronics.
  • Preparation of SATCOM terminal test methodologies and test plans.
  • Analysis of SATCOM link budgets.
  • Characterization of SHF SATCOM terminal RF performance.
  • Support of over-the-air satellite testing and demonstrations, including coordination and procurement of satellite bandwidth. 



  • did an excellent job with Satcom licensing and arranging for experimental and occasional use of commercial Ku-band transponders for critical modem testing.
  • demonstrated expertise with integration and test/verification and is well connected within the Satellite Communications industry and has been a valuable resource for proposals and business development activities.
  • has been quite flexible in order to meet the demands of a fast paced program.
  • provides expertise in areas not covered within our organization and also supplements our engineering staff in areas where we are understaffed.    
  • has been very responsive to requests for personnel with specific skills and expertise.
  • has been responsible for meeting schedule commitments. 

Detailed Analysis

Active Device Characterization

Antenna Pattern Testing

Spectrum Management


  • ITU, WARC experience,
  • International spectrum policy/law
  • Service implementation requirements
  • FCC experience
  • Government relations and foreign market entry requirements
  • Legal and regulatory framework
  • Regulatory processes, best approaches
  • Satellite and terrestrial frequency coordination

Satellite and High Altitude Platforms

  • Global landing rights for LEO systems
  • Coordinating planned satellite and earth station operations
  • Facilitating market access through national and international advocacy
  • Coordination and dispute resolution
  • EPFD requirements and management
  • Orbital slot filing
  • Airborne Antennas
  • Airborne Laser Comms

Air/Ground/Maritime Stations

  • Ground fixed, ground mobile, airborne, and maritime
  • Domestic FCC Licensing (25.226, 25.227)
  • OCONUS FCC licenses
  • Japan TELEC certification
  • Canada licensing
  • Experimental, STA, permanent, single, blanket, type approvals
  • Brazil Homologation
  • WGS Certification (Mil 164)

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We welcome any questions or inquiries about our company, products, or services, and encourage to get in touch with us. 

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